Phillip Fouche:  CEO

Phillip has over 30 years’ experience in the Medical Device Industry, having worked for Multi-National Companies such as Unilever, Johnson & Johnson and BBraun and recently for Akacia Medical. His core competencies are Strategic Marketing, Sales and Finance. He holds a B Com Accountancy degree and Post Graduate in Strategic Marketing.

082 416 1231


Philip de Witt: Financial Manager

Philip brings cross-sectoral experience from Finance, Healthcare and Logistics, has been in Medical Device Industry for several years. Past functions include Accounting, Business Analysis and development, Consulting, Customer Service, Finance, Sales, and Investments. He holds a B Com (Hons) and MBA degrees and is a CIMA member.

082 835 4731


Ursula Froneman: Sales Support, Procurement & Supply Chain Manager

Ursula’s capabilities are in the fields of Technical Sales (including Medical Products), Procurement and have worked for respected companies such as Adcock Ingram, Gabler Medical, The Scientific Group and Anatech.

074 119 6057


Marc Juriy Bunge: Executive Adviser

Marc has a deep understanding of the medical technology industry and the hospital sector. He was CEO at Fritz Ruck Ophthalmologische Systeme GmbH (Germany), a leading European Ophthalmic company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and commercialization of Ophthalmic Surgical Equipment. Before Ruck, Marc was Managing Partner at Tetris Consulting a Human Resources firm with a focus in Healthcare and Technology. He was also a Partner at Plambeck, Schumann & Socien and Head of Sales at Technomed GmbH. Over the years Marc acquired profound experience in product development, distribution, sales, marketing and M&A activities


Pauline Curtis: Sales

Pauline's skill-set is established from a 10-year career within the Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Industry.  Experienced in Sales, New Business Development and Training within specialised medical fields including Ophthalmology, Optometry, ICU IV Antibiotics, and General Surgery.

082 757 9967


Ryno Brynard: Sales

Ryno brings 15 Years’ experience having worked at Alcon and Novartis in Surgical/Pharmaceutical Sales in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa countries. He brings advanced technical-, surgical- and pharmaceutical-expertise on ophthalmology products.

082 561 6087